Development Updates #

Short updates on VFRAME development progress, bug fixes, model releases, and news to provide transparency into project development and activity.

Nov 11

  • Update the online detection demo with the addition of a preliminary detector for the PTM-1, PFM-1, and merge with the existing 9N235 detector

April 14

  • Retrain the 9N235/9N210 detectors with new data to improve recall for damaged and partial objects and reduce false positives.
  • Update 9N235 detector models to version 1D on
  • Separate SHA256 media deduplication script to new command group dedup and small usability improvements for handling added and removed media items (example: vf dedup sha256 -i path/to/videos/)

April 13

  • Moved –>
  • Updated the 9N235/9N210 nano and small architectures with version 1D. This update reduces false positives and improves recall on heavily damaged 9N210/9N235 submunitions based on reference photos from Ukraine.

March 30

  • Submit research report to James Madison University journal on building the 9N235 detector and applicability of this technology to mine clearance and EOD work

March 27

  • Remove verbose from media-attrs-plot, add media-attrs-summarize for simpler summaries

March 16

  • Updated media-attrs with more manual binning interval and size options. The auto-binning yielded arbitrary intervals.
  • Updated site to add work in progress for the Uragan, RBK-250, and RBK-500
  • Improved clarity on 9N235 detector page
  • Twint (for scraping Twitter) now seems to be fully broken

March 2

  • Moved media-attrs out of development into public code. See research post on plotting media attributes
  • Updated website, adding search and model development previews for current research
  • Begin changelog for more project development transparency


  • Released updated 9N235 detection models in n/s/m/l model architectures for YOLOV5 framework in .pt and .onnx formats